"Twinkle, twinkle..."

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“Brother, your house is on fire!”
“Proof or GTFO.”
“Look at the window, dammit!”
“F@#king Mafia! They hijacked fire-trucks and came to rob me! Help!”
“Brother, calm down. Open the door before the blaze spreads.”
“You liar! You always wanted my house!”
“What about that smoke?”
“Someone puffing on contraband cigars.”
“It’s freaking black! What kind of tobacco can give that hue?”
“Student living next door surely smoking some pot. It’s him.”
“I saw him half-a-hour ago. He jumped out of window and ran for his life, away from fire.”
“F@#kin Fire-Truck Mafia just went through the window of my neighbor and kidnapped the poor boy out of his bed! That’s a crime! Help!”
“Brother, you can’t think straight because of all that smoke.”
“Get the f@#k out of my life!”
“Brother, the house is already ablaze. Please, open the door for us!”
“No way! You are such a scum!”
“Fire engulfed the first floor entirely. Look outside of your room and see it by yourself.”
“I shouldn’t. You've surely hired killers to off me; if I leave my room, I’m toast.”
“Heck, what do you want?”
“Show me the proof!”
“Here’s a link to Youtube video.”
“This look shopped. I can tell it by the pixels.”
“Turn on your TV. Your house is on live feed.”
“What channel you on?”
“Fox News!"
“Switch to Russia Today.”
“Those lying Ruskies? Never! It was banned in my area, anyway.”
“Look, if you want to be immolated, I can understand that. Just let your wife and chidren out…”
“F@#king Fire-Truck Mafia wants to kidnap my wife and kids! They rape her and eat them for sure! Help!”
“Brother, the fire just got to your window.”
“F@#k! My house is indeed on fire!”
“Tell me the code from the grate, we’ll do the rest.”
“No! You’ll cover my house with napalm to burn me quickly!”
“You’re such an imbecile…”
“F@#k off, you hillbilly democratic k@ke! You came here because you had a kitchen fire decade ago; do you want to raze my house in revenge?”
“Look, quit swearing. All we want to put that fire down.”
“I’ve just called REAL fire brigade!”
“What fire brigade? We’re here already!”
“They’re professionals from Washington, DC!”
“Are you nuts? They can’t get here in a week! You’d be freaking charcoal by then.”
“Nope, dude. I’ve reached the agreement with them and just have to wait calmly and not to open anyone until they arrive. Oh, there was a clause about ‘Local Fire Brigade Impostors’ of yours; I should not help you in any way.”
“Brother, we brought water tanks to quell the fire. I can fill a mug form open hose and drink it for you to see.”
“Neh. You’ll piss back in the tank while I doesn’t look.”
“Oh dear. What are you going to do?”
“Wait for REAL firefighters, of course! I and only I have the right to decide who’s worthy to extinguish fire in my house! And I don’t need your advice – you’re in collusion of F@#king Fire-truck Mafia who wanted to rape my wife, devour my children and rob my house.”
“Look, there’s bad news for you… We checked that “Washington Fire Brigade”. You dialed wrong phone number. It’s fake; even worse, it belongs to known arsonist.”
“You are the only arsonist here.”
“He burned five houses last time. I can provide addresses.”
“It was for their own good. New, better houses were built over the ashes; he’ll do it for me too.”
“Ahem. Who, exactly, benefitted from this treatment?”
“That squint-eyed yellow ape from other side of the town.”
“In fact, Mr. Yamato’s family worked hard for fifty years to rebuild the damage to their house…”
“So? These f@#kers won’t even scratch if their old hovel haven’t been burned.”
“Okay. You have to live; you have to build new house, then move to it, and then you can burn old one, right?”
“Nope, contract said that burning old home is necessary for building new one.”
“Advanced Democratic Voodoo FTW! I’m protected by it.”
“Look, you’ll be burned in the bonfire that you made out of your house.”
“No way, I have enough aluminum foil. I can make a hat, I can make a coat. It’ll save me from your evil thoughts!”
“Listen, you’re now in a freaking furnace. The foil won’t help, you’ll roast in it; think about your family, they don’t want to bury your charred remains…”
“F@#k! My own brother put a foil around me and stove me into furnace! Help! My own family wants to see my charred remains buried! Help!”
“You’re such an idiot…”
“Idiot yourself! [cough] Criminal! [cough] Die, redneck! [cough] You Communist! [cough] You’ll burn in hell! [cough] F@#k! [cough] Can’t breathe… Fire! F@#king fire around me! [cough] Help! Can someone f@#cking help me? I’M ON FIRE!!! SAVE ME!!!”

Meanwhile, the fire brigade stationed outside grew kinda impatient with the events:
“So? We’re breaking the gates or what? Why we should let this sick f@#k die?”

"If you spoke lies once, who'll believe you?.."

... Or, Short Treatise on Veracity of All SBU Claims.
Once upon a time (namely, in March of 2009) the very official, very trustworthy branch of Ukrainian Government called SBU (short from Ukrainian Security Service in... ahem... Ukraininan Language) launched the unprecedednted exhibition about Holodomor (Great Famine of 1932-1933).
This exhibition accorfing to the claims of its makers should contain the "newly discovered evidence" proving that Russians were the ones to artifically create the hunger.

It kinda backfired then, causing a minor scandal which weren't noticed much... unfortunately.

Let's look at the "evidence" provided by SBU then.

Look at the three diagonally (right to left) placed photos. They all were made in USA during Dustbowl Years!

Namely, in Arkansas in 1935:

October 1935. "Boone County, Arkansas. The family of a Resettlement Administration client in the doorway of their home." 35mm nitrate negative by Ben Shahn for the Resettlement Administration.

... in Oklahoma, in 1936:
"Children of Oklahoma drought refugee in migratory camp in California." November 1936. Photograph by Dorothea Lange.

... and in Oklahoma again in the same year:
August 1936. "People living in miserable poverty. Elm Grove, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma." Medium-format nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration.

Well, what lesson did we learn there, kids?
Do not trust these SBU deceivers? Right. And it's too bad you haven't got that lesson earlier...


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Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe looked down at little boring man in silly clothes with condescending contempt. Wind howled on the teopulli’s top, ripping the flames on sacred bonfires in rock bowls. Warriors and priests of Ambutl’ Tribe were sitting on long stone benches and talking quietly while eyeing the envoy of savages from overseas.
“Your sorcerer will be led here, put on altar and our best priest will do justice by ripping his heart off his chest. Such is punishment for murder.”
Chief was very patient. He repeated the same words for seventh or eighth time: he lost some fingers in battles of the past and there wasn’t enough left to count. Stupid, small and boring savage from beyond the sea couldn’t understand the simplest things.
“It wasn’t proved that murder was committed by our… erm… employee,” replied little man. Chief loudly sighed for seventh or eighth time.
“Great Oglopogle revealed that to us,” said Chief with self-control that knew no bounds, “With Oglopogle’s blessing our priests discovered that your sorcerer murdered stepson of Ambutl’ Tribe. Why should you question Oglopogle will?”
This twist in conversation was new, and little man quickly glanced aside before formulating an answer. One of the priests, who was considered upstart in his youth and now has a reputation of small Chihuahua who didn’t grow up and happy to be a pup, seized the moment and jumped from his place:
“They don’t believe in Oglopogle, o Chief! Savages do not honor Virasicaka! Exile barbarians from our shores, o Chief, and send priests with suitable guard to the lands beyond the sea. Let these wild men know the glory of Oglopogle; let them establish Virasicaka of their own!
Proclaiming that, priest let himself down on the bench with a huff.
“We honor Virasicaka,” little man’s face was blank when he denied accusation, “We believe in Oglopogle as much as Ambutl’ Tribe do. We just call him differently. We have the right of originality.”
“Quit your subterfuges!” yelled same priest, this time without raising himself, “Our envoys related that no Oglopogle altar stands in the lands beyond the sea! They saw only,” priest made a face,” Crosses!”
Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe nodded supportively to priest pleads. Chief was civilized and tolerant man and understood that Oglopogle shows himself in different forms to different tribes. So far his existence cannot be truly comprehended by pathetic intellect of savages. Let them pray to their crosses; in due time they’ll know true faith and blood-stained ziggurats will be standing on the places occupied of their ungainly temples.
Virasicaka of yours,” Chief’s nose ring moved as he smiled, ”Just too original. Your warriors march in ranks and files, isn’t that sign of slavery? Your women cover their breasts but open their legs…”
Warriors guffawed as one; priests spat as one.
“…isn’t that a sign of vulgarity? Your Chiefs haven’t labored for year at Oglopogle altars, how can they be considered chiefs at all? You do not drink tlatepoka nor eat chinubampa, isn’t that a sign of your backwardness?
We taught you about Virasicaka a hundred moons ago. How dare you compare your Virasicaka to ours, which have over eight thousand moons of age?
Priest and warriors of Ambutl’ Tribe made all sorts of agreeable noises. Little man kept silence – he couldn’t argue with that.
“Those with Virasicaka so immature and… original… should bow before one with Virasicaka so stable and dignified,” Chief spoke the obvious, “Hand out your killer-sorcerer and our best priest will do justice by ripping his heart off his chest. Such is punishment for the murder.”
“It wasn’t proved that the murder was committed by our… erm… employee,” replied little man without much thought. Chief sighed again and adjusted his headgear made from great feathers of bhabhaka, which looked especially imposing compared to dull gray garment of a little man.
“Stepson of Ambutl’ Tribe was killed by boomstick made overseas. In the lands of Ambutl’ Tribe there are no such despicable weapons,” mighty and scarred Unfairness Extirpator joined the discussion. He was rumored to be so blessed by Virasicaka, so he can discern the guilty just by single glance.
“Unfortunately, in the lands of Ambutl’ Tribe some swashbuckling scum from our shores found shelter,” mumbled little man, “Those have boomsticks of their own.”
“Our Virasicaka haven’t called them ‘swashbuckling scum’! They are stepchildren of Ambutl’ Tribe!” roared Unfairness Extirpator, “No one saw even single boomstick on them!”
“Likewise, our port inspection haven’t uncovered them in time…” started little man, but Unfairness Extirpator haven’t let himself be fooled by those obscure and thus untrue words:
“By the mercy of Virasicaka! Those men fled to us from your barbaric attempt to change their way to life, afraid that that their extermination was certain; so they were accepted as stepchildren of Ambutl’ Tribe!”
“And who do have in mind?” little man had began to lose patience. Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe felt joy upon the sign that the barbarian wasn’t exactly lost for the truth.
“They were members of mountain tribes, which was oppressed by you who roamed the plains! You denied them the right of their own Virasicaka, better than yours!”
“Ah, those… but they’ve…”
“You killed them and buried them!”
Warriors and priests made noise in agreement; someone yelled least toombalacatl’ towards barbarian, for it was blasphemy, abomination and outright stupid thing to bury dead enemies.
“But you too waged wars… when Parak tribe crushed Malapat tribe and conquerors wanted to own their lands for eternity, you supported them and attacked Malapats…” little man looked like he was astonished.
Virasicaka guided us,” explained Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe, “Virasicaka was merciful to Paraks and unmerciful to Malapats. Besides, we haven’t buried those we killed,” Chief licked his lips and the memories of the feasts of his youth.
Malapats would taste better than Paraks,” added Unfairness Extirpator, “Virasicaka knew that.”
Chief gratefully looked at Unfairness Extirpator. Savage was once again defeated by immaculate reasoning of best minds of Ambutl’ Tribe. Unfairness Extirpator sat on the bench, and his wide shoulders no longer blocked the view from teopulli’s top. The gulf with unwieldy large boats from beyond the sea became visible again; in three rows of open windows on their sides something gleamed with gray cold light.
“I’m tired,” admitted Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe with dignity, ”By the force of our eldest Virasicaka and to uphold the friendship between our tribes…” some priests giggled at these words, waving their earlobes enlarged by heavy earrings, “…you have to hand out your sorcerer. He’ll be put on altar and our best priest will do justice by ripping his heart off his chest. Such is punishment for the murder.”
“It wasn’t proved that the murder was committed by our… erm… employee,” parroted little man, defeated many times in fair discussion but too dense to admit that, “And even if it was, we can’t hand out our man. Our… erm… Virasicaka forbids that.”
“Then you should fix it,” it was easy for Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe to show the light in the cave to puny boor, “What have you? Magna Carta? Bill of Rights? Con-Sti-Tutl’ or something like that… My, what a foolish names you chose… So, break the stone tables on which those written, and make new ones. Friendship and opportunity to witness ancient and great Virasicaka of Ambutl’ Tribe worth it, isn’t it? For your good-for-nothing firewater we’ll send you priests of Oglopogle who can artfully etch the stone.”
Face of little man betrayed his contradictory feelings. For some reason he looked back at windowed boats, and then, with a scowl, to the Chief in the grand headgear of bhakbhak feathers.
Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe decided that savage’s soul is naturally leaning to Virasicaka, but his mind is still clouded and unready for the light of truth. Well, compassion to the poor and weak is advantage that Ambutl’ Tribe do have. Besides, the firewater that was casually mentioned, waited in teopolli chambers, as well as large dishes of minced chinubampa; from some time chief can’t imagine his life without both.
“I’m sad,” concluded Chief, “Go away. By my decree, Ambutl’ Tribe exile four your men from our soil. We won’t, however, would leave our stray brothers beyond the sea without Oglopogle’s light, and in due time Virasicaka like ours will sprout on your shores! Kindness of Ambutl’ Tribe is immense, so our junior priests will bang daily and nightly at sacred drums, calling the mercy of Ogopogle to your wretched land, and your useless firewater will be always bought to fuel our illustrious Virasicaka. Now, off with you.”
Little man, not understanding the measure of contempt rained on him, bowed deeply.
“We’ll send back four of your ambassadors from port’s Chamber of Curiosities, too,” warned him, but Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe no longer paid attention. Envoy of savages left teopulli, his dull garb vanished from sight behind stone steps. Junior warriors that stood watch, suppressing the laughter, yelled short toombalacatl’ behind his back, marking the end of audience.
Chief arose from his throne and began, with usual majestic grace, to rub his buttocks tired by sitting on cold stone.
“How difficult is to serve as Virasicaka’s beacon in the world, where boons of Oglopogle spread so unevenly, and only a few tribes have gifts worthy of our attention. Best of Ambutl’ Tribe, you saw the savage, heard his senseless babbling and you know how challenging is our mission. But we never abandon it!”
And hearing the joyous cries of Thrice-Great Toombalacatl’ around, Chief of Ambutl’ Tribe became convinced that Oglopogle was satisfied by the talks.

[Translator Note: this masterpiece was posted in Russian on July 25, 2007. My question to Virasicaka followers over the world -- "Are you still happy to bring Oglopogle will to the unsuspecting people?"]

Failure of "Happy Ukraine" plan

[Original article, in Russian: Провал операции «Счастливая Украина» - Политика - Свободная Пресса - svpressa.ru.
Special thanks to alex_serdyuk and miasolor]

Why American efforts to extend its influence does not succeed always and everywhere

Today, a few days before the presidential election, it is clear that Washington-planned Ukrainian blitzkrieg has failed. Quick victory of Maidan did not happen. Ukraine lost Crimea and Donbass, got stuck in civil confrontation, became impoverished. New Kiev authorities are trying to convince people that this is temporary, it’s necessary to wait just a little, and Europe and America will come to help. Some Ukrainians believe, but number of these believers dwindle with each passing day.

In U.S. themselves Intelligence Director Mike Flynn Pentagon and his deputy David Shedd are going to retire. And it is also certainly due to the Ukraine.

Most interestingly, the "Independence Ukraine" was not the first debacle of American politics.

Cynicism of U.S. officials in the promotion of American influence in the world is known to all. There are, for example, the names of military operations against sovereign states: "Desert Storm" and "Shock and Awe" in Iraq, "Deliberate Force", "Allied Force" and quite touching " Merciful Angel" in Yugoslavia. Certainly plan to depose Ukrainian leadership, too, had its codename. Something like "Happy Ukraine."

Each operation is preceded by painstaking analytical work. Millions and millions of dollars are spent on the study of internal problems and nurturing opposition. But for some reason Americans can’t always reap success.

For example, before the start of hostilities in Iraq in 2003, analysts in the U.S. quite skillfully calculated that Saddam Hussein will not provide much opposition. While many Russian experts composed war forecasts based on the strength of the Iraqi army, the amount of tanks and planes, American emissaries spend money on bribes to generals. As lately admitted in Washington, about $ 600 millions has been spent for these purposes.

Americans understood that Iran isn’ so easy to buy, and so far, despite repeated angry statements, there was no military operations against Tehran.

But in Syria, the White House plan clearly failed. The internal opposition wasn’t that strong, and now Bashar Assad army finishes the remnants of foreign terrorist groups.

In Egypt, the U.S., too, everything went against to plan. In the country there were generals who dared to take on the responsibility for the fate of their people and toppled "Muslim Brotherhood" which came to power through elections*.

Even more striking was the U.S. defeat in Georgia, where the army was trained by American instructors. On the day of the Beijing Olympics, Mikheil Saakashvili ordered the invasion of South Ossetia, counting on the "blitzkrieg". He failed. Moreover, as a result of military operations Georgia finally lost South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

In the case of the overthrow of Yanukovych, which occurred (hardly accidentally) during the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Americans hoped that the opposition will quickly take power in Kiev, and the rest of the country quietly submit to new rulers. Then the Black Sea would be an inland sea of NATO and Western tanks would stand at the borders of the Bryansk region. But miners of Donbass, after 23 years of continuously treated as inferior ethnicity, were able to organize themselves and did not yield to Kievian junta. Crimea even went to Russia.

Why this "Happy Ukraine" plan has failed? Why neither numerous NGOs, nor billions of dollars invested in destabilizing the situation have helped? Why intelligence agencies from overseas suffered such setback?

Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Vladimir Anokhin believes that Americans simply have not considered many factors in spreading the influence of this or that country:

”United States prepared standard script for destruction of regimes that hinder their domination in some regions of the world and growth of their power. The scheme is the same: first, create economic chaos, then it spreads into the politics, and then controlled chaos become uncontrollable. As a result, the state weakens, and puppet regme is estabilished. By this scheme, operations in Tunisia and Libya were conducted. But such a scenario in Syria has failed. Nevertheless, Americans have not learned their lesson from Syria and decided to use the same plan for Ukraine. There acted very rudely, casually, making tactical and strategic mistakes.

Multi-million dollar infusions are not always effective. Everyone knows that CNN is one of the leaders in the field of media. So, when it aired a coverage on the referendum in the Donetsk region, the map illustrating the event shown Ukraine on the territory of Pakistan. I immediately realized that these guys are not only have bad education, but also mindles. So that the amount of money does not affect the wisdom of decisions.”

"SP": “In the case of Iraq, the Americans calculated that the tip can be purchased. But in Ukraine the payment has failed.”

”U.S. focus on work with the oligarchs, businessmen and governing apparatus. But in any country live other people, too. Why, for example, America miscalculated the situation in Georgia? They have invested money, but did not consider the mentality of Georgians, have not considered its leadership weakness, did not consider the personal qualities of our President. Americans may know that Saakashvili can go for coarse and vile adventure, but did not predict a tough response from Russia. After all, when you do a surgical strike to some state, you need to consider not only the opportunity to respond on the part of that state, but also one of the surrounding countries.”

"SP": “It is no secret that the events in Ukraine largely directed against Russia. Are we ready to parry American moves?”

|I'll give you a very remarkable quote. One person said: "The power of Russia can be undermined only separation from Ukraine... it is necessary not only to tear Ukraine from Russia, but to pit two parts of a single nation against each other and watch as his brother will kill brother. To do this, just need to find and nurture the traitors among the national elite and use them to change the identity of one of the great people to such an extent that he would hate everything Russian, hate his family, without realizing it. Everything else would be matter of time. "

These are the words of Otto von Bismarck, the first German Chancellor. These words were said in the middle of the 19th century. So Russia always was taret for unfriendly actions, regardless of the social system or historical upheavals. When it was tsarist Russia or the Soviet Union. And Ukraine is often used as a factor in the weakening of our strength.

Impact on elites are always long-term. Say, the West has achieved a lot in the 1990s. But in Russia there are forces to resist.”

"SP": “Americans may not take into account such factors as the internal capacity of the people.”

”Yes. Wealth does not determine the state of his intellectual potential. Americans feel good in the accounts, but are poorly aware of psychology of various people on different continents. Anglo-Saxons generally very poorly understood the psyche of Slavs. Spirituality for the Anglo-Saxons, in principle, cannot be described the monetary equivalent. They did not understand the Arab mentality, and in Iraq and Libya has turned the chaos. U.S. is not able to understand of Afghans, too. They do not know how to behave like people who hold spiritual above the material. They put the mentality factor in last place, but because of this they will lose.”

Expert on international relations, political scientist Mikhail Korostik believes that the main reason lies in the development of events beyond the control of external influence factors:

”With regard to the Crimea, Ukraine itself is to blame in a greater extent. It could be a zone of accelerated development, but Kiev invested nothing in the peninsula, gradually transforming it into a backward agrarian territory. Actually, Ukraine never felt that this land belongs to her. And even now, some Ukrainian political analysts say that it is necessary to positively perceive separation of the Crimea, and if it had separated earlier then Yanukovych would not get their voices out there, and no problem would exist.

South-East situation is different. Elite close to Yanukovych at work there. And in the case of the territory is not America miscalculation, but simply the proximity to Russia and the fact that a large proportion of local residents working with us; so it was possible to put some resistance. And this resistance is much stronger than in Odessa or Kherson.”

"SP": “But even the Americans admitted that they did not anticipate Russian actions in the Crimea.”

”Existing political regime in Russia has its advantages. One of them consists in the fact that when the President along with its close surroundings decides something, the probability of leaks is minimized. For Russia, strategy of surprise is right; Putin chose it for a reason. The decision was made in the Crimea in the closed mode, and for the U.S. it was a surprise. Most likely, the United States hoped that Russia will swallow Ukrainian events as swallowed before the events in Yugoslavia and Iraq. Especially, there was lots of options for the development of the situation: the Crimea could become an independent state or could achieve greater autonomy within Ukraine. But the fait accompli was the least likely option.”

"SP": “Had America a detailed plan for the development of the situation in Ukraine?”

”Here, in my opinion, was the random factor. Ukraine - a large country with a population of 45 million people. Calculate everything was simply impossible.

Overthrow of Yanukovich by force does not make sense. In elections in 2015, he would have failed miserably by himself, without help from Maidan. But the Americans could have informed opposition leaders, on the eve of the elections will be some events that drastically reduce their chance of making it to the power. After that Ukrainian opposition began to act.”

Supervisor of "GDP" Research Center Said Gafurov sees the cause of failures in the conflicts of U.S. groups with diverse interests:

”Do not consider U.S. policy as a unified. Do not think that all Americans act in unison. U.S. foreign policy, including assistance to its allies, is situational. And depends on the sometimes divergent interests of different groups, which often play against each other. Say, the people associated with the military- industrial complex has a vested interest in exacerbating the conflict. And those who are associated with the "McDonalds" or "Coca-Cola", will lose money in the case of flared conflict.

Mechanism established by the Americans for political influence consists of three parts. First is this NGO, it is not very important. Second one is U.S. Department of State, and the third - the political institutions created by the ruling parties ( Democratic and Republican ). These three branches is competing with each other. And for the State Department continuity is typical: politicians come and go, while the officials working there is a negative attitude towards Russia, regardless what Obama spoke about the "reset."

As a result of lack of unity between U.S. agencies money go in different directions. For example, some American money went to those Ukrainian organizations that act as anti-fascists.

Americans do not need to be considered for the demiurges. Although they see themselves as ones. In practice, they are not omnipotent and suffering one defeat after another.”

* The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation decision dated 14 February 2003 declared "Muslim Brotherhood " as terrorist organization and prohibited its activity in Russian Federation.


Contrary to popular saying, history doesn’t repeat itself in any form. It merely resembles itself by recognizable details; it allows us, thinking human beings, to generalize and draw conclusions and analogies.
Let’s take the horrible events that happened in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014 as an example. It is similar to two events.

First, there is Khatyn massacre. On March 22, 1943, the 118th Schutzmannschaft Nazi battalion massacred the entire population of small Belorusssian village. This battalion comprised mostly of Ukrainian nationalists from Western Ukraine and/or Soviet army prisoners of war or deserters.
It was formed in the Kiev, on July, 1942.
Troops entered the village and drove the inhabitants from their houses into a shed, which was then covered with straw and set on fire. The trapped people managed to break down the front doors, but in trying to escape, were killed by machine gun fire. Casualties amounted to 149 people, including 75 children. Assiants then looted the village and burned it to the ground.
Second, there’s Reichtag fire, an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. Nazis used the fire as evidence of Communists plotting against the German government and the event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.

What happened on May 2nd in Odessa? The crowd consisting of Nazi-leaning soccer fanats and strengthened by Maidan activists drove the protesters from Kulikovo Pole camp into nearing Labor Union House, which they set on fire by Molotov cocktails. In resulting blaze, at least 48 people have died.
In mere hours after the tragedy, representatives of Ukraine government claimed there are at least 15 Russian citizens (read: Russian secret service agents) perished in the fire and the fire itself got started by these Russians. There’s no proof to substantiate this claim in any way – official list of casualties said that all of the dead were Ukrainians.

The analogies can go even deeper.
Some person spewing anti-Russian rhetoric was caught on camera.


Let me translate for those don’t know Russian the final part of this speech:
“They haven’t built that house, and so we have to burn it to the ground with them inside.”

Later this masked speaker was identified as Sergei “Seronhelia” Dundik…


…the editor of the only Ukrainian gay magazine, "Один з нас" (“One of us”)…


…who obviously KNEW before (the video was taken 40-30 minutes before the disaster occurred) about planned massacre in the Labor Union House.

A likeness that instantly spring to mind is an openly gay leader of SA, Ernst Julius Röhm, whose efforts helped the ascension of Adolph Hitler.

History does resemble itself. We can safely assume that all perpetuators of the Odessa massacre would eventually meet their doom. It can be similar to Ernst Röhm’s, or look like one of the rest of Nazi government, or akin to the fate of Nazi soldiers encircled under Stalingrad.
And that would be fitting final of their story.

The Negotiations

[Translator Notes: this fable got spreaded far and wide on Russian sector of Internet since the moment of its creation. Originally, it was a response to a Marvin Heemeyer's one-man riot, but it also can be applied to many situations -- from defence of Slavyansk to standoff at Cliven Bundy's ranch.
Original (in Russian) is here.]

“So, what’s the problem?” asked Fox, choosing a place to sit at safe distance from the Wolf.
“This… this one is stopping me from having my breakfast!” Wolf pointed a fork to Hedgehog. The accused moved away from the empty plate and curled in the defensive ball.
“What do you mean he stopping you?”
“He’s kinda stubborn, keeping to say ‘No means no’, ” confirmed Bear, “Like, ‘Let’s everyone go hungry, I don’t care’.”
“Did you tried to reason with him?”
“Yep, over and over again,” Wolf nodded, “I’ll eat him as my breakfast, what not to understand there? And he’s still fretting over all it.”
“Oh? He just trying to haggle,” sighed Fox, “Why don’t you offer a bargain? This fatty worm, for example. His breakfast for yours – it’s a fair deal!”
“I tried! I’ve offered him three-course meal, and the sucker doesn’t accept the exchange,” Wolf hushed his fork towards Hedgehog; the latter hissed and spread his spikes.
“Hedgehog, why do you behave like that?” Fox sighed again, “Remember that you aren’t living in this forest alone. You can’t be a part of ecosystem and be free of it at the same time. Even Rabbits understood that, and your behavior is totally uncouth.”
Hedgehog pshawed.
“Hedgehog, you are on official negotiations!” Bear decided to join the discussion and slightly hugged Wolf and Fox; something cracked audibly, “We need to reach the middle ground!”
“I don’t,” mumbled Hedgehog, “End of story.”
“But you came here.”
“It’s my burrow. It’s you who came here.”
Fox looked around.
“Well, I can’t see any of your burrows…”
“Wolf sat on it, and still sitting. I can’t get back to my home.”
“See?” Fox’s smile was wide, “Wolf sat on it, and therefore it is his burrow, not yours. Enough of this foolishness. How many dishes you want in exchange? Two, three, maybe five?”
“None. I don’t want to be eaten at all.”
“But why? It is a common practice, and usual course of things.”
“I’ll die and vanish then,” explained Hedgehog.
“What means ‘vanish’?” Fox got riled, “Can’t you remember the Conservation Law? You can’t vanish, you’ll just turn into something else.”
“Into shit.”
“And why do you detest that? Rabbits turn into shit, Squirrels turn into shit. It’s Nature’s way. Why put yourself above it?”
“I don’t want to become some shit. I’m Hedgehog.”
The rest of company sighted deeply.
“What a jerk,” said Bear gloomily, “How can we make sure he understands it?”
“I’ve understood. I just don’t agree.”
“You’re totally uncooperative!”
Hedgehog silently spread his spikes.
“That’s a provocative aggression,” noticed Fox, “Hedgehog, if you don’t let eat yourself at once, the consequences would be dire.”
By some reason, Hedgehog kept silence. Others exchanged glances.
“Because of that idiot, our dear Wolf still hasn’t a breakfast. And me too,” dryly said Fox, “We have to finish this. Wolfie, show him.”
Wolf slowly stood, opened his maw so widely that it could accommodate Bear, and showed Hedgehog into it without help of a fork.
“And what this hissing fool tried to accomplish?” rhetorically asked Fox.
“Hey, Wolf, what’s wrong?” asked Bear, “Are you ok?”
“Oww,” mumbled Wolf in return, “He stitches me from inside.”
“Doesn’t he understand the impunity of his actions?” asked Fox again, “Doesn’t he understand that he is… kinda in Wolf’s private property right now?”
“And how we should get this thought to Hedgehog?” mused Bear.
“IT HURTS!” howled the Wolf, “I can feel his spikes everywhere!”
“Shush. He’s probably dead already,” spoke Fox with soothing voice, “He can’t afford to put those out forever. Wait a little and he’ll turn into usual shit.”
Wolf howled very loudly in return; Fox decide to move slightly away.
“I think we’ll go. Situation is basically defused, and I need to find someone to breakfast on.”
“O-w-w?” the voice of Wolf was becoming quieter and quieter behind their backs.

On the next their meeting Fox said to Bear: “We need to teach Hedgehogs how to behave during negotiations. They always make unnecessary complications out of nothing. By the way, have you met Wolf lately? He hasn’t appeared for a week. Maybe something wrong had happened, and we don’t know what…”