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Contrary to popular saying, history doesn’t repeat itself in any form. It merely resembles itself by recognizable details; it allows us, thinking human beings, to generalize and draw conclusions and analogies.
Let’s take the horrible events that happened in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014 as an example. It is similar to two events.

First, there is Khatyn massacre. On March 22, 1943, the 118th Schutzmannschaft Nazi battalion massacred the entire population of small Belorusssian village. This battalion comprised mostly of Ukrainian nationalists from Western Ukraine and/or Soviet army prisoners of war or deserters.
It was formed in the Kiev, on July, 1942.
Troops entered the village and drove the inhabitants from their houses into a shed, which was then covered with straw and set on fire. The trapped people managed to break down the front doors, but in trying to escape, were killed by machine gun fire. Casualties amounted to 149 people, including 75 children. Assiants then looted the village and burned it to the ground.
Second, there’s Reichtag fire, an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. Nazis used the fire as evidence of Communists plotting against the German government and the event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.

What happened on May 2nd in Odessa? The crowd consisting of Nazi-leaning soccer fanats and strengthened by Maidan activists drove the protesters from Kulikovo Pole camp into nearing Labor Union House, which they set on fire by Molotov cocktails. In resulting blaze, at least 48 people have died.
In mere hours after the tragedy, representatives of Ukraine government claimed there are at least 15 Russian citizens (read: Russian secret service agents) perished in the fire and the fire itself got started by these Russians. There’s no proof to substantiate this claim in any way – official list of casualties said that all of the dead were Ukrainians.

The analogies can go even deeper.
Some person spewing anti-Russian rhetoric was caught on camera.

Let me translate for those don’t know Russian the final part of this speech:
“They haven’t built that house, and so we have to burn it to the ground with them inside.”

Later this masked speaker was identified as Sergei “Seronhelia” Dundik…

…the editor of the only Ukrainian gay magazine, "Один з нас" (“One of us”)…

…who obviously KNEW before (the video was taken 40-30 minutes before the disaster occurred) about planned massacre in the Labor Union House.

A likeness that instantly spring to mind is an openly gay leader of SA, Ernst Julius Röhm, whose efforts helped the ascension of Adolph Hitler.

History does resemble itself. We can safely assume that all perpetuators of the Odessa massacre would eventually meet their doom. It can be similar to Ernst Röhm’s, or look like one of the rest of Nazi government, or akin to the fate of Nazi soldiers encircled under Stalingrad.
And that would be fitting final of their story.
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